2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon First Drive

Whoever believes that this is the world of a man should spend some time. A fixture on the Southwest's fourwheeling scene Barlow offers instruction, tours, and anything 4x4related. Knowing we would have access a road trip to find a girl who personifies the lifestyle was an nobrainer. We headed out from Los Angeles into Barlow's base of operations from Sedona, Arizona–the house of red stone, energy vortices, and needless to say, some fantastic paths–to have her put us, and the Power Wagon, through our paces. Everything there is to know about truck toolbox tonneau cover can be found at uws tool box low profile.

Captain Obvious alert. Having a 149.3inch wheelbase and in 237.3 inches overall, this baby isn't a wallflower. Given its 14.3 inches of ground clearance, we thought we may require a trampoline to get inside. Its ride height was intoxicating. We felt like we could see clear across the Pacific. Regardless of the measurements of the Power Wagonvisibility is pretty good, but it is ideal to be alert when you hit commuter traffic that is thick such as we have in Los Angeles. If you are not careful, so on and German imports can creep up on you.

We were skeptical of her relaxation since the Power Wagon's called an powerhouse. What would more than 500 miles and eight hours feel like? The answer? Like butter. The Power Wagon is the only truck in its segment to feature the fivelink coil rear suspension of Ramrealties of the street have been buffered with the bed. Comfort has been improved to its chairs in part. There is ample room inside for cup holders for each of them and a party of five . Lifting the center armrest of the bench shows space for a passenger, even though we would not volunteer to sit there. Everything is enough to accommodate drivers of all sizes, such as the pedals that are appreciated. We were happy for the ventilated and heated seats given desert climate. Allweather rubber floor mats make clean up when things get dirty. 2 USB ports, an 115V auxiliary outlet, and two 12V DC auxiliary outlets make it easy to plug in and play audio or remain charged. We wanted for nothing to create our trek comfortable.

The camera that is backup is available as an option on the '17 version. We believed this should have come standard given without knowing, we might have backed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently taking care of that issue by mandating cams for many vehicles so the model year buyers of the next year will not have to pony up for it.

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