3 Amazing Juices for Weight Loss

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Fresh juices made from scratch are great for health and weight loss. Many people believe that dinking juices ‘only’ helps them lose weight fast. It can promote weight loss but it cannot do the work alone.

You can add these juices in your daily routine to promote weight loss. However, going on a juice diet won’t help you so take these juices as snacks or something to accompany your meals.

Here are 3 juices that are great for weight loss:

1. Cleanse

Although there are several detox juices that can help in weight loss but the cucumber and lemon juice is the best. This juice cleanses your body of toxins and speeds up the process of weight loss. The cucumbers are water based and they contain few calories making them ideal as a healthy fat free snack.

2. Detox

This next juice is filled with all the awesome green vegetables that give off energy and promotes weight loss. Take a bunch of spinach, some kale leaves, an apple and half a cucumber. Blend them in a blender and add water if required. The fibre present in this drink cleanses your system leaving you fresh and energetic.

3. The Slimmer

As the name suggests, this last drink is the perfect blend for weight loss. Combine plums, cucumber, apple and lemon in a blender and you can have a powerful juice to get rid of the extra fat. This juice is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C making it great for weight loss.

Intake of proteins and fibre along with regular exercise can help you lose weight much faster. To keep up with Fitness during Holiday Thailand wide has become quite easy. Several camps now offer special summer programs for weight loss.

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