5 Reasons Why The Science Based Six Pack Is Great For Computer Technicians

Have you been working so hard on your computer related job that you simply don't have time to focus on dieting? A sedentary lifestyle can easily bring about unwanted fat, even if you are hard at work on your computer. Now you can use the power of science to your advantage and get your abs back with the Science Based Six Pack program.

The Science Based Six Pack is a 90 day program broken up into 30 day phases that utilize intermittent fasting, which is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to burn fat in the human body. Here are 5 reasons the program can help you:

Improves Cognitive Function

You will not lose mental function or feel fatigued because fasting actually slows down synaptic signaling so that your brain can actually focus better.

Nutrient Timing

Science Based Six Pack gives you precise guidance on how to break your fast and results in more efficient science based method of burning stored body fat.

Shred Fast Workouts

The program provides 20 to 25 minute workouts that maximize glycogen depletion and fat loss with no equipment required.

Requires Little Change

You do not have to change what you eat, but rather when you eat, allowing more flexibility not restricting you from the food you like to eat.

Makes Your Day Easier

With the Science Based Six Pack course you don’t have to make breakfast, prepare packed meals, or spend money on your lunch break for your food anymore.

When you sign up you get 5 video tutorials about exactly how the Science Based Six Pack program works. You will also receive 9 workout videos that demonstrate the workouts in detail with alternatives for beginners. You also get 3 PDF files with instructions and notes about the program.


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