A Breakdown of SEO and How it Works

What is SEO and How Does it Work

With the ever growing use of the internet businesses are spending more time and money on their websites.  While a beautifully designed website will encourage people to become customers, if no one can find the site than no one can see it.  That’s where Toronto search engine optimization comes in. In this article we will be discussing what SEO is and why it is important

What is SEO?

search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is simply a collection of tools and resources that a developer uses in order to make a website finable on search sites such as Google and Yahoo.  These tools range from keyword optimization to metadata to schema.  All of these things combined make it so that a website is more prominent on search engines, and therefore more likely to be visited. 

Aspects of SEO

• Keywords
• Schema
• Metadata
• Other Factors


Keywords are the aspect of SEO that most people are familiar with.  They are a collection of words and phrases that relate to a business and are most likely to be used to find their site during an online search.  To find these keywords, a SEO expert will research the industry to find relevant information and narrow down a list from there.  Then they will base the SEO campaign around those keywords, by using the words in titles, descriptions, and overall content on the site.


There are 3 types of metadata, which are: 
Structural – Used to show how individual pages go together, such as pages in a book or catalogue 
Descriptive – Most often used metadata, and is used to identify and classified sites. Descriptive metadata includes things like author, title and page description
Administrative – this is general broken in to 2 subcategories, which are rights management and preservation metadata. Rights management metadata deals with copy written materials, while preservation metadata deals with archiving information.
In terms of SEO, descriptive metadata is the most used, and the most important in helping a site become more visible to search engines

Content Optimization

After the list of keywords has been narrowed done, the person doing SEO will then go through all the content on the site and rewrite it around the keywords.  The trick here is to include as many keywords as you can while still having it sound natural and well written.  If too many keywords are put in, in a way that does not flow, than you will not rank as high because of “keyword stuffing”.  
The other part of content optimization is editing the content so that it is more “scanable”, and therefore easier to read.  Too much content will lead to visitors being overwhelmed by too much information, and will general y cause them to leave the site. 

Other Factors

There are other factors that contribute to your search engine rankings, and they include things like:
• Amount of time site has been live- longer the site has been up, the more credible it is to search engines
• Social Media Activity – While it does not contribute directly to rankings, the more active a business is online the more likely customers will recognize and trust the business
• Backlinking – This is the amount of sites that link to a website. The more links from credible sources, the more likely a site is to rank higher on search results. 


As we can see here, search engine optimization is a constantly changing field, and includes techniques and tools to help a site rank higher on search engine results

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