All About Pottery Tile Art

The term pottery tile artwork is utilized to differentiate handmade and hand-painted pottery tiles from the tiles which are produced and die cast. 

Pottery tile art has a lengthy history of creative artistic design, although at the present time tile-making is regarded as mainly an industrial process of little creative value. The introduction of machine-made tiles, beginning with all the dust pressing process in the 1840's (a technique for compressing almost-dry clay between metal dies) has led to a decline in tile-making as a craft. 

Nowadays the expression art tiles mean handmade from wet clay, and individually crafted for painting by smoothing out the surface and borders. The decoration is subsequently hand-applied with by brush, luster, scraffito, transfer printing or tube. 

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Tile-making can be traced back over 4,000 years to Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Greece, and China and thence to Italy and. Spain Tiles have been excavated from ancient Greek cities, Babylonian ruins, and the pyramids. Initially, tiles were used to beautify walls and floors. 

Fine, glazed white earthenware clay stoneware tiles from the Shang-Yin Dynasty, 1523 – 1028 B.C.E., have been unearthed in China. In the tenth century C.E. a process for creating a glassy layer over the surface of the clay was introduced in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Persia. 

This tile-making technique was introduced into Europe when the Arabs invaded Spain and excellent examples of Moorish art tiles can still be located on the thirteenth century Seville mosque, the Alhambra, and throughout Spain. 

Mechanized production of tiles became thenorm when the dust pressing approach was introduced in the 1840's, and also the volume of production grown exponentially. 

It's only been with a return to labor-intensive procedures, in the recent past that the term art tile came to be used to boost the idea of tiles that are decorated and handcrafted. You can look for more details online about pottery studios and the type of classes they offer. 

Some modern tile artists use conventional, mass-produced bisque ceramic tiles as a foundation and then hand-decorate them. Purists, other artists, prefer to make their tiles from scratch, which considerably increases the job needed and reduces the creation of tiles.

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