All About Residential Boarding Schools

For troubled teenagers, “Residential boarding schools are considered as the last option for dealing with angry and defiant kids". There are certain chances that you've tried individual counseling, and family therapy, and group therapy, and Parent Management Training. If you're trying to cope with a teenager who has morphed from a pleasant, sunny member of the family, into someone, you can hardly recognize-sullen, withdrawn, argumentative, seemingly uninterested in being part of the family, angry, and defiant. To know about the best preparatry institutes, you can have a look at various websites.

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If this sounds familiar, it really is time to consider a boarding school. They go by a number of different names: residential boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, emotional growth boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness camps, and so forth.

Boot camps and wilderness camps generally run for about 3-8 weeks. They are focused on very strict discipline and lots of physical activity, and less on understanding the teen's issues, or helping him to deal with them. Often there is a lot of screaming and yelling on the part of the instructors, just like a traditional military boot camp.

The difference is that the soldier or marine wants to be in boot camp, and he understands that the harsh discipline is just part of the process. He knows that in a battlefield situation, without discipline and strict following of orders, people can die. On the other hand, a teenager sent away to a boot camp, who doesn't want to be there, and who is area.

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