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Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL refers to teaching English to the people of non-English speaking origin. Essentially it refers to English teaching to those people whose mother tongue is other than English and who have not learnt this language so far.

Anyone with sufficient proficiency in English language can teach English to people who do not know this language. TEFL is mostly spoken in the context of several Asian, African, European and South American nations.

Many people have made a wonderful profession from it. Apart from making more than average earnings, they can enjoy paid global travel, different experiences and make worldwide friends.

Two basic qualifications for becoming an international TEFL teacher are an intermediate degree in any subject and TEFL certificate.

However, numerous organizations are conducting TEFL courses both offline and online and awarding TEFL or TESL certificates.

Global language schools in different countries have their own criteria for choice of overseas trained English teachers to teach English in their countries. Usual factors that they see in this are the length and composition of courses. Read more about tefl international through online websites.




Usual factors that they see in this are the length and composition of courses., the nationality and origin of English tutors, reputation of institutions providing TEFL, preceding references, quality of teaching etc..

Generally English teachers from UK, Australia and North America enjoy a higher reputation and recognition. TEFL certificates issued by native English institutions such as those in UK carry a greater weight age.

One important condition for TEFL teachers being accepted is the period of their certificate. In this, the general standard is 120 hour program. That is what employers generally look for in a TEFL certificate.

Persons who wish to take up this profession should undergo 120 hour course for quick selection and higher wages. Teachers with extra teaching practice ad experience are more likely being chosen much quicker.

Of course there are institutions which provide 20 hour course, online and other refresher and short-term classes. One should always consider factors such as the location of the courses, the fees, the timing, testimonials etc.. Apart from this , Visit here for info about italy tefl course.

One important guiding factor would be to network with those who have already undergone such classes and their post certification experience.

There’s absolutely no uniform policy regarding compensation to TEFL tutors. Specific factors that are highly relevant to the rate of pay are instructor’s qualifications, expertise, training and level of expertise.

Other major factors affecting the amount of compensation are the degree of development of a country, local conditions and the level of desirability of instruction in those areas. Generally there’ll be a fair level of compensation.

An individual should also know that this is an unregulated industry. There is room for manipulation right from undertaking a TEFL course to really landing in the place of instruction. An individual should be cautious in selecting TEFL institutions, states and companies.

Focus on contracts and living conditions. An individual ought to know everything about a company. All precautions should be taken against being scammed. Most importantly, don’t pay anything for getting chosen.

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