Aluminum Power Cable Advantages

Aluminum power cables have replaced copper power cables in many fields of work. They are used in residences, electrical appliances, high rise buildings and also aircrafts. Aluminum cables are better at electricity transmission and distribution as compared to copper cables, due to their flexibility is usage, installation and maintenance. Advantages of aluminum power cable are:


1. Lightweight:

Extremely light in weight, aluminum power cables are easier to install and used as compared to copper cables. Aluminum cables are now being used in aircrafts because of their minimal weight and easy and hassle-free installation. Being light weight also means that the cables put much less stress on any supporting equipment and are much easier to be located from one place to another, cutting down the cost of transport on a larger scale.

2. Cost effective:

Aluminum power cables are much less expensive as compared to the copper cables, whose prices are still rising and are getting very expensive to use. Alloys have been developed and used with the aluminum cables, if aluminum is used in pure form, which sometimes causes a decrease in its conduction and performance.

3. Less rigid and more flexible:

Aluminum cables can be bent and twisted more easily, as compared to copper cables, making them flexible in terms of usage. Cable flexibility of aluminum allows easy installation; a hassle-free cable lying via an electric cable pusher inside the conduits can be achieved effortlessly. It increases the cable’s durability and life,reducing the cost of maintenance and effort to replace the cable in the longer run.

Thus, due to the above factors, aluminum cables have become a big hit in the construction of houses and manufacturing of electrical appliances.

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