Ariel Helwani Removed from Showtime’s Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Coverage

As Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor begin the buildup for their Aug. 26 confrontation, MMA columnist Ariel Helwani won't be covering the procedures for Showtime. 

Helwani tweeted out that the UFC asked for he be evacuated, saying he was "fantastically baffled" and pointed the fault at UFC President Dana White 

Nonetheless, Helwani noted he's as yet a credentialed part for the visit, regardless of the way that he won't be working Showtime's communicated 

The connection amongst Helwani and UFC President Dana White has been very much recorded, with White endeavoring to confine Helwani's capacity to cover blended hand to hand fighting for MMAFighting. 

"So I believe there's a plausibility Conor may box once more, acknowledging he can profit along these lines and acknowledging he can keep a greater piece and level of the cash he acquires rather than sharing a large portion of it with every other person. So I don't believe it's an unrealistic conclusion that Conor boxes once more, yet I think until further notice, the attention ought to be on one individual and one contender and that ought to be the Mayweather battle." 

At UFC 199 on June 4, 2016, Helwani tweeted he was escorted out of the Forum field in Inglewood, California, before the headliner between Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. 

Per TMZ Sports, White restricted Helwani from covering UFC occasions due to being furious Helwani announced Brock Lesnar's arrival to blended hand to hand fighting at UFC 200 and the agreement for McGregor and Nate Diaz's second battle was finished. 

After two days, the UFC lifted Helwani's lifetime boycott and enabled him to by and by cover the game. 

Helwani is a standout amongst the most unmistakable writers in blended hand to hand fighting. He has secured the game since 2006 and will frequently have post-battle interviews with large portions of the greatest stars after an occasion has finished up.

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