Basic Requirements For A Post Graduate Program Studies

The application for a Laurea Magistrale Program (proportional to an MSc degree) at the Politecnico Milano requires just a couple of steps. You can apply for two Master of Science projects in the meantime (first and second decision); and if you are admitted to these two you will be made a request to acknowledge the review program that you favor. Candidates of Architecture and Design will have their second decision assessed just if not admitted to their first decision. Consequently, please select your program of inclination as your first decision.

The assessment procedure begins once the required records have been legitimately transferred and the Academic Transcripts together with the application receipt have been mailed by the applicant to the International Admissions Office of Politecnico Milano.

Application fees

It would be ideal if you take note of the fact that Politecnico Milano does NOT require any Application Fee neither to the Laurea Magistrale programs nor to any sort of grant. Every one of uses' systems has no expenses. Just once you are conceded, you will be made a request to pay a non-refundable "Managerial FEE" of around 200.00 €, a required provincial and authoritative duty which you need to pay ahead of time to affirm your induction (grant beneficiaries included). It will be deducted from the second portion of your educational cost charges.

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