Being A Lifeguard This Summer!

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For someone who has always enjoyed spending time in the waters, the job of a lifeguard is ideal. One not only gets to follow his or her passion, but can also earn money in doing so. Below are a few reasons for being a lifeguard this summer.

1. Access to the pool

If you love swimming and want to beat the heat this summer, by being a lifeguard you do not have to spend a lot of money on pool memberships. Lifeguards have a free access to swimming pools and other pool services in Townsville as well. Hence, you can enjoy being in the water even during work hours and even practice your swim laps while you are working.

2. Learn important life skills

This job allows you spend your summers in a productive manner by learning new life skills. You not only learn how to do CPR and use first aid, but also learn essential team building and communication skills. You will be able to develop fast problem solving abilities after spending the vast majority of your time saving lives this summer.

3. Flexible work hours

Life guards have been generally found to have flexible work hours. It is a plus point if you have other plans for the summer as well. You might want to spend more time with your friends or take a special summer course at your university. It is a job that you can manage alongside university as well.

Therefore, you can apply for the job of a Life guard if you have the necessary skills and want to do something fun, yet productive this summer.

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