Diatomaceous Earth Is SILALIVE Silica The Secret to Health?

Diatomaceous Earth is widely used in food processing and cleaning industries. In past few years, it becomes more popular because it has many health benefits. Many people around the world claim that diatomaceous earth is real because it is 100% natural and safe.

With the help of studies, diatomaceous earth can strengthen nails, bones, teeth, improve digestion and improve blood cholesterol levels.

SilaLive Silica Health Product is a natural solution to purifying the body. It can help you to lose weight faster.

How To Use SILALIVE Silica?

SILALIVE Silica is the best way for detoxification that can actually renew your nails, hair and bones because it rebuilds your body cells. It is mixed powdered algae that are made of diatomaceous. If you want to purchase Silalive Silica product, you should first learn about its health benefits.


  • Every morning, add SILALIVE Silica powder in a glass of fresh water.
  • When it is consumed by your body, it will start the internal detox and purify.
  • Once you start to take SILALIVE Silica supplement, you will see its positive results.

SILALIVE SILICA is made of diatomaceous earth. It affects almost all the important functions in your body and it has an excellent source of renewal that you will be important for a healthy life.” The bioavailability of silicates is extremely low in the human body. However, silica is required for many important body functions. 

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