Diatomaceous Earth – The Complete Food

Diatomaceous Earth is created with the help of small phytoplankton. These diatoms are usually found in Oceans and ponds. It consists of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and more importantly silica, the trace mineral which has a direct relationship with the absorption of minerals, which is so necessary for the human body to remain healthy. The minerals that are found in the DE are very helpful as they improve bodily processes and supply better overall health.

It tends to function both like digestive aid and also as a perfect colon cleanser. It also helps to remove the intestinal earthworms and unwanted organisms whenever food-grade diatomaceous earth is consumed in suggested amounts. You can also buy the DE from various diatomaceous online websites. Diatomaceous earth eliminates dangerous harmful toxins from the body.

When the DE gets into the blood stream, it dissolves the body fat deposits thus, keeping bad cholesterol at the lowest level. It helps to reduce the high blood pressure levels. Integrating food-grade diatomaceous in to the daily diet routine can help control blood pressure levels. It is considered very beneficial for skin and hair. It is proven to be safe for ingestion by pregnant or breast feeding women. You can use it daily as it does not have any side effects.

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