Facebook Pay per Click Guide

Facebook Pay per Click is the best way to generate more leads and helps in generating more traffic to the websites. These ads are the best for the advertisement of products and services. Some of the rules for pay per click are-

Ads must be attractive, but not too lengthy.

Ads cannot be offensive.

It should be simple and click your ads at the rate of 2% or higher.

The facebook ppc advertising price varies on the type of the ad you are posting. Facebook don’t allow lengthy ads, it should be very simple with all the necessary information written. Some people give very shocking, useless ads just to get more like but this is not preferred. So always prefer to write simple and attractive ads for the Facebook to get it approved and to get more likes. Image is a very essential part of the ad that makes it attractive and user generally click it. An ad without an image always gets poor rating. Your content should be relevant enough and should match to the webpages.

Regularly check your rating and clicks, if you feel that the rates are not appreciable then you can try to improve your add by doing little changes as required. In some cases Facebook disapproves the ad if the as is not up to the mark and is rating very low.

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