Facts About Air Bags

Air bag technology has been a present safety feature in new cars since it was introduced in the early nineteen seventies, and its use has certainly become more prevalent as research has shown how positively airbag installation affects the survival rate of accident victims. Consistently voted one of the world’s safest automobiles, Volvo introduced the first line of production autos providing side airbags in 1995.

Since their introduction, research results and real world data has influenced the expansion of side airbag installation, so that they are now standard in a select number of vehicles by certain manufacturers and are available worldwide as an added option in over one hundred currently produced vehicles. If you’ve suffered airbag injuries, then you can contact takata airbag recall lawyer online.

Negative airbags, specially the ones that protect drivers and passenger’ heads, are demonstrated to lessen fatality risks for most age classes, reducing motorist deaths when struck the driver’s side by almost 37 per cent.

Head-protecting side airbags are specifically powerful in automobile accidents between cars and also the much taller, more popular SUVs who have flooded the market within the previous few decades.  When higher flying vehicles like trucks and SUVs hit a car, frequently the heads of passengers and driver at the vehicle are particularly susceptible as they’re generally times at the elevation of their taller SUV or even pick ups bumpers as a result of elevation gap that’s present.

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Negative airbags which have head protection tend to be somewhat more effective in preventing fatal injury compared to utilization of air bags that offer cushion for your own chest alone and therefore are increasingly being installed at higher rates every year in automobiles and SUVs.  1 form of vehicle which isn’t seeing higher setup rates of unwanted airbags for reasons as yet not known could be the frequent utility pickup .

Currently, more than 80 per cent of fresh automobile and SUVs provide head-protecting side impact air bags as standard or optional, yet under 50% production pick ups offer them even an optional security feature.  Overwhelming findings in ongoing research should change pickup-truck manufacturers to avidly put in them at the upcoming few decades.

As safety standards increase for American auto manufacturers, accident victims will continue to benefit from more adequate protection from their cars and trucks. In order to keep drivers and families safe, ongoing research and development of this and other precautionary technologies is essential.

Often times, even the most up to date safety features can fail to protect adequately in an accident situation, and injuries still occur. Protecting drivers and passengers after an accident is the responsibility of an excellent accident lawyer, and it is always in a victim’s best interest to contact one should an injury occur.

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