From Alternative to Mainstream – A Transition

Mainstream clothing is the current fashion that is constantly on the rise in the society. It is in accordance with social norms and likenesses. Alternative clothing, however, is more about wearing clothes and accessories that show your dislike of the norms. Both types of clothing items are widely available at many stores, such as berzerk clothing.


The Conversion

As mentioned above, any type of clothing that deviates from the normal fashion is alternative clothing. Many stores provide customers with such items.

However, the conversion of alternative clothing into mainstream is not unheard of. For example, if you do not like the trends of your society, you would start dressing in other, rather “unusual” ways. There is a very high chance that there are people who share feelings similar to yours. It is possible that slowly and gradually, the style that you introduced or adopted would become common among people. It would then become the mainstream clothing style. There are many instances of such switches, including:

  • Dark clothing was not as popular in the 1900’s as it is now. Also, clothes with printed stuff, such as skulls were not admired by the society in the past. Nowadays, it is part of the popular fashion.
  • Harem pants are baggy and long pants that are tapered at the ankles. These appear to be quite awkward, but are becoming popular in the modern world very rapidly.

The transition of any clothing style from alternative to mainstream and back to alternative is a common, but slow process. It changes with the taste of the people.

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