Getting Deals With The Weirdest Coupon Code

Even though usually a promotion code cannot be used conjointly to other promotions or coupon code, this LivingSocial coupon does things very differently. The “$20 Deal Bucks” coupon code lets $20 ‘deal bucks’ to spend on any deal, being sold for just $10 in price. As if the deal is not repetitive enough, it also feature the information of 50% savings, making it dubious if not read carefully.

It is written in the coupon that LivingSocial understands that city explorers like the customer themselves might have the drive of a Columbus or a Magellan, without the corresponding royal funds to back it up. Filling the gap, LivingSocial offered the customers a regal deal, which is half off already discounted deals, meaning that LivingSocial ‘butterflies’ (intended pun referring to the term ‘social butterflies’) can drop just $10 for a $20 deal value. Upon doing this, the customer will get $20 Deal Bucks to spend on any deal that they are interested in LivingSocial, where LivingSocial is a platform which provides a lot of great daily deals on dining, entertainment and fun activities in various areas. After purchasing, the $20 credit will appear in the customer’s account the next day.

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