Grandparents and Child Custody and Visitation Rights Information

A child custody situation affects all of the family involved. This includes the grandparents of the children. A grandparent may worry that when the parent's divorce, they will never see their grandchildren again. Some grandparents wonder if they can get visitation rights or obtain custody over their grandchildren. Here is some information about grandparents and child custody. You can know more about domestic violence lawyer los angels via various online websites.

Grandparents can fight for legal custody of their grandchildren if they can prove it is in the children's best interest. Court prefer parental custody, but in cases where the parents have abandoned, neglected, or abused the children, the grandparents may pursue custody. If the grandparents have been the main providers for the children and the children have lived with them, they will have a stronger case.

There aren't any laws that guarantee grandparents time with their grandchildren, so the best course of action for grandparents is to stay friendly with both parents during a divorce. The grandparents can stay close to their child who is going through a divorce and offer help and assistance. They can offer to babysit and watch the children to help out the parent.

Grandparents also don't need to assume they are cut off from the other parent (who isn't their child). Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to approach the other parent and offer support. This is especially true if there has been a close relationship through the marriage. Grandparents can stay neutral and offer to help both parents. They can express their wish to remain close to the grandchildren and make sincere efforts to help the parents.

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