Impact of my Employees in my Party Supply Business

I run an online party supply business. I have around 50 people working for me to help me run this business. My business specializes in the sales of discount party supplies on the internet. Every single employee of mine works very hard to help me run my business in a very smooth manner. I am actually very lucky to have such employees working for me. If I have to start a new business in a different category, I would still like to retain all of my current employees if given a chance.

The bond which I share with my employees is a lot different than what most other employers would have with their employees. My relationship with my employees is friendly in nature. I don’t treat them like workers. I treat them like partners which motivates them to work harder to increase the sales of discount party supplies.

Most employers I have seen make the mistake of showing authority when dealing with their employees. Such an attitude doesn’t inspire any confidence. When you do that, then your employees would treat it as just another job. Caring for your employees goes a long way in helping you run a business in an effective and successful manner. Failing to do so will definitely impede the growth of your business.

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