Chad Koppie on the Issues

Civil Liberties

   Stop the encroachment of Federal Government into our lives.
Protect American liberty and independence.
Defend and preserve religious freedom.

         Gun Rights

         Stand up and fight for the Second Amendment.
Chad supports the 2nd Amendment and is a lifetime member of the NRA.

         Drug Wars

         Federal government does not have the authority to implement drug laws without a Constitutional Amendment.
Drug laws are a state issue.

Budget / Debt Ceiling

         Cut spending and balance the budget

         star Not to shock the system – Congress should cut spending, for each expenditure, by 3%, per year, until the budget is balanced.
         Cut salaries of federal offices to be in line with the public sector.


Eliminate the National Dept of Education and return the control of the schools to the local level.
Stop Common Core


Protect and defend life.
Protect traditional marriage.

Foreign Policy

Defend U.S. Sovereignty.

   End Foreign Aid – Put America first.

Health Care

Repeal Obamacare

Jobs / Small Business

Fight for a free market economy and real competition.
End corporate welfare and government discrimination against small business.


   Preserve the Rule of Law – no Amnesty.

Taxation / IRS

   Abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS
   Pro-tax cuts