Obstacles to Reading and How to Overcome Them

I personally cannot read tremendously fast, but I have noticed that after years of reading steadily my reading speed has increased exponentially. One thing that helped me to even begin a reading habit was starting with books that fascinated me.

If you are reading a book just for reading's sake you will not establish a lifelong reading habit. Start with books that you really enjoy. Another action step is to start with books that are less than 100 pages. Do not start with your great grandpa's "Chronicles of World History." You can normally finish a book of 100 pages in just a few days of reading for 20-30 minutes. The excitement of closing a book having completed reading it makes you keen to start another one. You can get book for kids via https://protectorsofthea.com/.

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Some of you reading this have numerous children and a small home. I very much know this obstacle. One way to overcome this is to schedule reading time into your day. Make this a time when you are certainly alert and awake. Thirty minutes of focused reading time will yield much more profit than three of hours of abstracted reading. I find that mornings are the best time for me. Be sure to converse to your family, spouse, roommates etc. when you are going to hide away to do some reading.

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