Pros and Cons of Gastric Banding

Surgery may look like a magic bullet for you in case you are battling weight issues. Keeping weight down through food quantity in addition to quality, and exercise, is essential in order to prevent a return of insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes. It is only some sort of lifeline and the cost is of personal work in addition to commitment to lifelong dietary and changes in lifestyle, as well as your psychological adaption to those changes. With Australia, approximately 95 % of weight-loss surgery involves gastric banding.

Gastric Banding:

The method is performed using keyhole surgery a band is placed about the stomach to make it right smaller pouch when you take in, you feel full quickly which enables it to only tolerate small degrees of food. You can also go for to know more about weight loss surgery.


1) This is a straightforward procedure

2) It has a lower complication rate when compared with more involved procedures

3) The band could be adjusted

4) When you have reached your ideal weight the band could be removed


1) Causes less weight loss at a slower pace

2)  This isn’t recommended for individuals who have Cohn’s disease, hiatus hernia or maybe gastric      ulcers

3) Prolapse from the stomach could requiring replacement from the band

4) The band could erode in to the stomach wall. The group would then be changed

5) Previously undiagnosed gall gemstones could become active

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