Quit Smoking – But My Doctor Told Me To Start Smoking Again

This may sound ridiculous and frankly unbelievable. I do know that only the rarest of Doctors would ever recommend a patient take up smoking and that the giant majority try their best to encourage patients to quit.

But I have heard this story from clients several times, and hearing two times historicallyin the past fortnight prompted me to write this editorial. This is different from the bad elderly days when doctors would normally prescribe cigarettes for children and people of a nervous disposition. You can live long with the help of hypnosis melbourne therapy.

But this is 2015, there is no ignorance and so there is no excuse. In instance my client quit then developed an unusual skin condition. His specialist suggested it was related to his quitting and advised him to start smoking again!

At least after hypnosis they only had the skin issue to contend with. In the Naturopathic custom skin issues are often treated with herbs which cleanse the blood. It is plainly obvious that cigarettes cannot help in any way.

The other recent client was advised to start cigarettes again because of his anxiety. This would have been an understandable response in the 1960's but in this day and age it is basically unprofessional laziness and negligence.

Positive there are lots of smokers who use nicotine as a crutch to help their anxiety, I see them regularly in my clinic, but there's methods to help these people quit without stress. There are definitely lots of medical interventions feasible, but it requires some hard work and time on the part of the practitioner.

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