Steps To Improve Your Inverter Battery Life

There was a time when people needed to use noisy generators as power backup source. They didn’t have any option other than those noisy generators that are bulky.

However, recent developments in the technology have evolved distinct power backup sources. Generators are replaced by a small-sized inverter, which isn’t just efficient but convenient to set up.

Inverters are a combined system and an inverter UPS. Mitsubishi inverter converts the DC signals/supply from the battery into AC signals as most electronic and electrical appliances operate on AC.

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Commonly, inverter batteries have a lifespan of 3-4 years but it can be increased if cared properly.

Here are some useful steps that would help to improve your inverter battery life –

The foremost important thing to consider is choosing the right battery for your inverter. Since battery remains the backbone of your inverter system, it is very important that you should use a compatible for your device. Using a non-compatible would lead to deteriorating battery as well as inverter life.

Therefore, always make sure to buy a proper Ah (Ampere hour) capacity based and depending on the energy consumption, decide the capacity of the battery.

Always select a ventilated space to keep inverter. Since inverter battery heats up while charging, it is ideal to keep it in some spacious place. Airy space reduces the heat as well as regular water topping requirement.

Check the water level of the battery every two or three months. Make certain that water level should be maintained between min and max level. Do not use tap water to fill the amount as it contains impurities and excess minerals which deteriorate battery life.

Always maintain the terminals clean and dry. Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the terminals. It retains the battery terminal corrosion free and rust free. Pour hot water and baking soda on the excessively corroded areas. Rusting causes restricted the flow of current therefore always maintain your battery rust free.

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