Getting Deals With The Weirdest Coupon Code

Even though usually a promotion code cannot be used conjointly to other promotions or coupon code, this LivingSocial coupon does things very differently. The “$20 Deal Bucks” coupon code lets $20 ‘deal bucks’ to spend on any deal, being sold for just $10 in price. As if the deal is not repetitive enough, it also […]

The Truth On Outlets And Discount Coupons

Not every outlet nor every sale we can find in discount places are the same, there are real ones and others that are a real scam and the explanation is very simple: to sell underneath the cost can never be a profitable business because one thing is the scalable market and a very different one […]

Weird Coupon Codes: Bed Time Tuck In

This weird coupon code may be suitable for any customer who wishes to be tucked into bed by a stranger. The Chicago based offer (which is now expired and no longer available) described how a Groupon employee named Ben Kobold would tuck a customer in, in detail. As explained, “Ben’s sinewy, well groomed fingers delicately […]