The Best Surprise That My Husband Gave Me

I happen to marry a person who loves surprises. My husband often give me something in my birthday that makes me really happy. But the best surprise that he gave was during my last birthday. I am a plain housewife and spend most of the days at home. Everyday, I have been doing the same thing such as cleaning the house, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, ironing clothes and waiting for my husband to come home.

One time, I told him that doing the same routine repeatedly bores me. And I wanted to have other diversional activities to do. Hence, without my knowledge, he was planning for a big surprise for my natal day. He surfed the net  and found Direct TV Entertainment package options. When I woke up on the morning of my birthday, he asked me to open our TV. He told me to change the channel to 123. I showed him a ridiculous smile knowing that we only have 6 channels available. However, he persisted so I just give in to what he want. To my surprise, there was a show on channel 123. I just learned that there are 199 channels that I can choose from and our TV reception has significantly improved. He told me that he secretly have the installation the day before while I was on the grocery. And he managed to convince me not to turn on the TV until my birthday comes. Hence, he said, I won't be bored while at home from that time on. I can always watch nice shows whenever I want to.And I guess he is right. I have become oblivious of the time from that time on. In fact, I sometimes forget to cook the food only to realize that my husband is about to go home.

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