The brief history of street wall art and its acceptance in the society

You might have passed through beautiful paintings on the walls or pavements on the street and wondered how strikingly artful those are. Street art, what it is known as, is art created in public places like sidewalks, compound walls, building facades and highway overpasses.


How did street art begin?

Street art is usually done to convey a political or social message. In the bygone era, street art was usually the graffiti sprayed all over the walls and conveyed serious political messages. The graffiti artists vandalized the public places by their arts and never came in public view. So they were painted as the bad boys of art by the government though some people in the society supported them for the messages it conveyed.

How did the evolution of street art as acceptable art take place?

Gradually the street art started taking shape in the form of beautiful paintings and murals which depicted the message without words. Banksy was one such skillful artist whose street art would crop up unknowingly in some public spot and was a nightmare and an embarrassment to the concerned civic officials. But gradually the street art form of art started gaining acceptance as it was visually appealing and conveyed the right message.

The various governments now sponsor these artworks to be installed in various public places. The art works now are positively used to convey socially relevant messages to the public. Artists are also hired by some famous organizations to paint beautiful street wall art on their building façade or the walls.   

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