The Truth On Outlets And Discount Coupons

Not every outlet nor every sale we can find in discount places are the same, there are real ones and others that are a real scam and the explanation is very simple: to sell underneath the cost can never be a profitable business because one thing is the scalable market and a very different one is try and create a business by giving the false sensation that every product is ridiculously cheap.

Outlets and private shopping clubs are not a new invention, they exist a long time ago and they have specific laws that regulate them. The philosophy of this kind of business is simple. Manufacturers, distributors and stores, can have a surplus of products from past seasons that they want to sell off, because they have lost most of their value. This way, clients can purchase product from their favorite brands at very low costs.

But some manufacturers are using outlets as a way to obtain bigger sales skipping the traditional channel; they lure the buyers with coupons to use on the outlets where they sell exclusive merchandise, something totally forbidden, but that has become a very common practice.

This kind of actions can bring good instant results but can also destroy the market and the brand.

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