The Various Housing Types In Shanghai

For those who have just came at Shanghai, the huge available home and the numerous kinds are frequently intimidating especially in the event that you don’t know what it is that you will be taking a look at.

Kinds of home:


All these usually are divided into two different types: Using elevator and without lifts. We reveal the most recent apartment on your webpage, you’re able to choose a few for seeing.

If you are looking to the residential property or some kind of houses, villas, apartments etc you can search here.

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Serviced apartments

Many globally known brands have now opened or purchased existing buildings and converted them to service apartments to benefit from this marketplace as there’s been a rise in sending employees to overseas for small terms and conditions


These condos are normally three to four bedrooms, together with garden at a safe gated chemical as well as in area to International schools, International spas and supermarkets like Carrefour that take lots of imported goods and restaurants targeted towards the expatriate public.

Old home

Elderly houses exist mostly from the city centre, they’re frequently those mansion-like houses you visit in the middle.

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