Tips for Building A Successful Mobile Website

More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies say they will be implementing some kind of mobile technology in the future. This is an important sign that the internet is constantly changing, now is the best time to invest in this fast-growing trend.

The reality now is that all websites get some traffic from mobile devices, as the number of mobile websites increase, so will the amount of mobile traffic. Having a mobile website not only caters to mobile users but it is also a great method of developing client retention.

Initial Setup

Where will be the home of your new mobile site? You can either use a sub domain like or purchase Mobil and have the mobile site hosted separately. Setting up traffic stats like Google analytics is another important initial procedure so you can know how well your mobile site is doing.

Other basic features you should consider adding are auto-redirect mobile users from your desktop site to your mobile site, a link to your main website, click-to-call functionality, click-to-map functionality, and of course a contact form.

Speed & Bandwidth
Many websites contain flash and graphics that may take too much time to load on a smartphone. Smartphone users do not have time for a website to load, therefore you need to “shrink” your website content and graphics so that the site will load immediately. Most data plans have a certain amount of bandwidth, no one wants to view a website that kills their bandwidth and costs money.

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