Tips On How To Look After Your Mattress

How To Care For Your New Mattress Set

Since you have invested a lot of money in your mattress set, it is important to care for it properly. It will last much longer and you will always get a good night’s sleep. Whether you buy your mattress from a furniture store or mattress liquidators, there are common tips that keep your mattress clean and comfortable:

Correct Installation

mattress liquidatorsWhen you get your new mattress set at the store or mattress liquidators, follow manufacturer’s instructions when it is installed. The mattress and box springs should be secure in the bed frame. If they are misaligned, the mattress will be uncomfortable and it could get damaged. Your mattress will last much longer when it has a correct fit.

Be Careful of the Mattress Edges

The edges of a mattress are made with extra support to keep their structure well. It is possible to wear these edge supports down when you sit on the same edge while dressing in the morning. Sit in different spots so your mattress edges will wear the same and will remain strong.

Life on the Flip

You probably know the rules about flipping and rotating your mattress for even wear. After time, you can get deep impressions in the mattress if it is not flipped. Some mattresses advertise that they do not need to be flipped. Technology in mattress construction has come a long way. It is still a good idea to rotate new mattresses at least every three months. You may have to do it more often if you notice a bit of sag anywhere. Your box spring does not need flipped; however, it should be rotated twice a year for even wear and comfort. 

Keep It Clean

One of the easiest ways to prevent stains, moisture, and spills on a mattress is with a quality mattress cover. It will keep your mattress fresh and clean. Regularly vacuum your mattress to combat dust and other small particles. If you do spill something on it, use a small amount of water and a bit of gentle dishwashing liquid to dab away the stain. Make sure that the spot is dry before you put on a sheet. You can also freshen your mattress by sprinkling a little baking soda on it. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and vacuum as usual. 

Don’t Forget Your Tag

Of course, you will not be legally punished by removing the tags from your mattress. However, removing them could void your warranty. You can also write the dates that you flipped and rotated the mattress on the back of the tag. Your bedding completely covers the unsightly tags.

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