Understanding How Key Locks Work

A key lock is known as a key lock because you can’t open it without the right key(Also known as “คีย์ขวา” in Thai language). The lock has a cylinder inside it which usually runs through the doorknob and into the door. Inside the cylinder, there is a tang.

The sole purpose of the tang would be always to prevent the door knob from being forced once you lock the doorway. For your own entranceway to start the tang should rest fully inside the cylinder.

Pins and Tumblers

If your lock is really a cylinder lock, it has an average of five pairs of hooks. The different pairs remaining in the shafts plus also they start beneath the cylinder. They generally feel the middle of the cylinder and then above it.

You’ll find upper and lower pins. The top pins have miniature springs that break at top of those. The reduced pins remaining a bottom region of the shaft while the top pins sit halfway at the top area of the cylinder. You can also browse http://www.modernspec.co.th/มือจับฟอร์นิเจอร์/559cad9f72e4f22c27dc3ae6 to get more details on Furniture Handle.

Due to the way in which the pins have been positioned, the cylinder can rotate. When you insert the key into the cylinder, the vital notches lineup using the pins pushing them up and down in the shafts. This frees the cylinder up and you are able to bend the cylinder thus unlocking the door.


As previously mentioned, the tang may be the one that prevents the door from opening when you lock it. Whenever you insert the key and you are able to rotate the cylinder, the cylinder turns the cam. When the cam moves it relaxes the spring that shoves the tang forward thus fastening the door to the walls.

If you’d like to open the door, then you only have to turn the cylinder exactly the other way hence pulling the tang.

Problems with Vital Debate

Exactly like any other lock, main locks have quite a few problems that face them. Among the significant issues, they’ve is rusting. This is particularly if the lock has come into contact with water. If your lock includes rust you should lubricate it and it will start working normally.

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