Upsurge in Bangkok Luxury Condos

High-end condominium projects will be launched in Bangkok this year increasing the stock to 22,834 units. Condo developers are actually focusing more on luxury units after several projects postponed launches as a result of political unrest and the world economic catastrophe.

The normal prices of new luxury projects are boosting at 4 per cent due to land and construction material expenses.

You will find 1,894 luxury units completing through this year, increasing the entire stock to 22,834 in 20,940 units this year. Moreover, purchasing Splendour Beachfront Pool Villa Hua Hin, Thailand still shows a good yield in comparison with investments in different nations.

However, the fad has just shifted switching from Europeans into Asians, especially Chinese, Singaporeans and also Hong Kong particularly in the luxurious segment that has the lowest risk and also a limited distribution.

The main concerns are still the foreign ownership percentage and also the restrictions on property financing. Even the CBD, Sukhumvit, also the river are still regarded as premium properties with a minimum space of 120 square meters and prices beginning with Bt150,000 per square meter.

The average price of a new condo in Bangkok climbed significantly more than 100\% throughout the previous ten years using a few buyers choosing to purchase units in old developments where average prices are between 90,000 and 120,000 baht per square meter. I hope you found this article of your interest if so, you can find out more at

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