Usage of Ball Valves in Pipelines

Fix ball valve is a type of new ball valves with higher performance. It has two unique structures, namely two-piece and three-piece. It’s extremely applicable for long-distance transportation pipelines and frequent industrial pipelines.

Besides, so as to be appropriate for all sorts of medium, such as corrosive and non-corrosive one, its durability, security and resistance to a poor environment are considered carefully through the layout. For more details of ball valves, you can read on

ball valves

At the moment, the correct ball valve is widely utilized to cut off or circulate the moderate in the pipeline in all sorts of businesses, such as food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental security, paper-making and so forth.

Working with Ball Valve in Pipelines

In terms of the working principle, the correct ball valve differs from that of floating ball valve. If it works, the entire power created by the fluid pressure on the ball will completely pass to the posture, which results in the ball to not move toward the clack seat.

Thereby, the clack chair won’t bear too much pressure. On basis of this characteristic, the torque of repair ball valve is small and its clack chair isn’t easy to be deformed.

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