User Friendliness of Any Web Site Design

4 Vital Steps to Increase User Friendliness of Any Web Site Design

If you want to improve your online presence then it will be necessary to design your site in such a way that it is user friendly as well as usable. There are several different things designers can do for achieving this goal. 

In the following sections let us look at few of the things which can be done to make the site more usable.

Steps to Make a Website More Usable

Make the Design Self Explanatory

custom web designThe aim of your custom web design Toronto firm should be to create a design which is self explanatory so that users face less number of question marks while browsing your site.

One option is to make the site architecture as well as navigation intuitive so that it becomes easy to understand how the system works and visitors are able to easily reach from one point to another on the site with relative ease. 

Designers can accomplish this by providing a clear structure, recognizable links and visual clues. Your goal should be to reduce the cognitive load as much as possible so that it becomes easier for your visitors to understand how the website works.

Limit the Requirements

In case your website provides some type of tool or service then it would be necessary to make the design in such a way that there are minimal user requirements. If the aim is to get your visitors test a service then you will have to ensure that the users are required to perform less number of actions.

As for instance, you should not provide long forms for account creation before users can test the service since such users may never use the account again in future. Thus you should not force the users to share their private information.

Users will generally be more happy to share their email address after they have tested your service and are satisfied with how it works. 

Grab User's Attention

On any website there is both dynamic as well as static content and some user interface options tend to draw more attention than others. 

As for example, images can easily get our attention in comparison to text and bold text is more visible than plain text. 

Thus a custom web design Toronto firm should try to draw attention of visitors to certain areas of your website using different visual elements as well as guide them from one section of the site to another.

The less confusing the site is, the more trust it will be able to develop in its web visitors and provide better user experience.

Exposure for Functions and Features

The aim of web designers should be to let visitors clearly see the functions and features which are available on the site. 

Different things can be done to achieve this goal such as using visually appealing menus and navigational options which users can easily see.


To conclude it can be said that web design plays a crucial role in helping a site retain attention of web visitors. By implementing various usability features you can ensure that site is user friendly and users feel comfortable using it.

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