Using Email Tracker For Marketing

The EMAIL TRACKER is one of those tools which sends you an email whenever someone visits your website. Email tracker is an amazing software which helps to track your emails within seconds.

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It provides you following information:

1) The URL of the page which was seen

2) The referrer URL from where the visitor has arrived into the internet page

3) The Time and Date of this trip.

4) The Browser title which was used to pay a visit to your website.

5) The Visitor IP Address.

6) The Visitor Host Name

7) The Nation, Region and Town of this visitor without the need of a Massive database.

The above information permits the EMAIL TRACKER to be utilized as one successful Marketing By understanding the precise time and date of these visits to your website, you are able to determine when your peak occasions are.

When a site becomes many hits, then it may have a tendency to slow down preventing clients from fast getting to your website.  This could turn them off.  You can use this info to determine if you need to add any upgrades to your site to boost functionality.

Web pages appear differently in various browsers.  If your site was created using MS Internet Explorer, then perhaps it doesn’t appear exactly like using state, Mozilla.  By understanding the names of these browsers on each trip, you can take the popular ones and check to see how your site looks in them.

You may possibly then accommodate your site for great visuals on such browsers.  When a visitor sees an extremely bad looking internet page in their browser, they might not continue further.  Just as a web page might look great on a single browser doesn’t imply it’ll look great on a different browser.

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