Virtual Reality, Where Did It Go?

When I think of virtual reality it brings to mind images of people wearing oversized yellow and black helmets awkwardly maneuvering in my local arcade while being watched by a queue of curious bystanders. As we watched we felt that we were standing on the verge of something big something really big and very cool. You can navigate here to know more about the VR ShineCon virtual reality glasses.


Virtual worlds, hey that's my lawn!

The classic image of virtual reality has all but disappeared from the public view these days. However, we have moved forwards in leaps and bounds in related areas. Last time I heard the figure for World of Warcraft subscribers it was close six or seven million. Virtual worlds and virtual economies are thriving.

Visual immersion

We have our virtual worlds but what about that immersive visual experience that those oversized helmets promised us? Well, there is actually plenty of hardware available out there at the moment ranging from the affordable to the not so affordable. On a basic level, you could opt for something like what offer, a set of 3D glasses for about $100. If you have a few more quid there is

Whoever smelt it dealt it.

Any kind of mass producible source of smell for use in virtual reality applications is still something that is miles off. Some research that is currently being performed in this area is investigating how smells act as triggers in post-traumatic stress disorder.

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