Website or Mobile App? Whats Best eCommerce Development in USA

No doubt that mCommerce is taking over the commerce market slowly and gradually. In past two years, purchase from mobile app has increased exponentially. In the year 2015, 41% mobile phone users made a purchase from the mobile phones and in 2017, it has gone up to 70%. E-commerce development in the USA is growing at a rapid rate. I wonder if the scenario stays so, the chances of website commerce would drop steeply. But wait, this is the scenario from the naked eye, the real truth has to be dug only going deep down.

One great factor is screen size, the kind of shopping experience happens on bigger screens such as laptops can’t be with mobile screens. The product showcase seems effective on the bigger screens of course. There is a class of people who would like to make a purchase only from the laptops and tablets in order to check the product completely. E-commerce development in USA kind of countries is still dependent on the laptops and iPads.

Another factor a business should consider is to find out when to go for a mobile app. depending on the type of services or products you’re offering and the type of audience come to your e-commerce or mCommerce page.

Though a lot has been written about this debate, as per me, going for a mobile application does make sense no matter what business you do. Because the smartphone is the only thing that stays active with the user 24/7.

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