Where Do You Get Your Weight Loss Motivation?

Whether or not you succeed in your weight loss endeavor can depend on quite a few different things. You could have chosen the wrong diet program for you, personally I have tried Eat Drink and Shrink with some success butperhaps you have neglected to add enough exercise to your plan, or perhaps you have no type of will power what-so-ever. What you may not know is that having the right weight loss motivation is actually what can take you further than the right plan or the right amount of will power. Do it for the right reasons and you are more likely to succeed with your plans.

If you are getting your weight loss motivation from the wrong place, you are not going to get very far. You may think that if you just lose a few pounds that cute guy down the street or that girl you see each week is going to notice you after all. That type of weight loss motivation is not going to last very long and is a good indication that you are going to fail. You can not lose to please anyone else that is in or not yet in your life. You have to know that you are doing it for yourself and yourself only.

What is good weight loss motivation then? For starters, it has to be all about you. If you feel crummy all of the time, you probably know that extra weight can drain you of energy and make you very tired. If you want to feel better and have more energy, you will find that this is great motivation for weight loss. This is probably one of the best, actually, because it inspires activity that can help someone not only take off the extra, but also to keep that extra off for a long time to come. 

Health is another great weight loss motivation. Those that are carrying about more than ten or twenty extra pounds are more likely to have health issues because of that weight. These things could be avoided if the extra weight is taken off. In fact, just taking off ten percent of what you weigh can help you avoid some medical problems. This type of weight loss motivation may only come with a health scare, but an also come when someone starts a family or when someone else in their extended family has weight complications. This often encourages a person to realize they have to do something for their own health.

Other weight loss motivation may come from things like wanting to fit into a dress for special occasion, or because pictures from such an occasion proved to be embarrassing. Sometimes, it takes a shock like that to get someone to see that they are not where they want to be in weight and even in life. This type of motivation for weight loss can be great, but should be coupled with some of the good weight loss motivations above. That can mean greater and longer success in the long run.

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